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Route Schedules


DASH Base Fare is $1.60.

The Paper and Electronic DASH Pass are $40.00.

Routes and schedules can be affected by road and traffic conditions. During inclement weather, CLICK HERE to view a list of the route detours on specific DASH routes, listen to your local radio station or call the DASH Customer Service Center for up-to-date information.

Click here if you need help reading the schedule.  Click on the individual route for specific timetables that are provided in PDF format.

NOTE : This schedule is effective starting October 20, 2013

DASH Ride Guide Cover - October 20, 2013 

Winter Weather Detour Route List

System Map

Old Town Alexandria and Vicinity Map

Full Ride Guide (40 pages) 
DASH AT1, June 30, 2013 
AT1 - To Van Dorn Metro, Eisenhower Metro  
AT1 - To Seminary Plaza  
DASH AT2, June 30, 2013 
AT2 - To Lincolnia  
AT2 - To Braddock Metro via Old Town   
DASH AT3, June 30, 2013 
AT3 - To Parkfairfax, Pentagon Metro   
AT3 - To Hunting Point  
DASH AT4, June 30, 2013 
AT4 - To Parkfairfax, Pentagon Metro   
AT4 - To Old Town  
DASH AT3-4 Loop, June 30, 2013 
AT3 - 4 Loop   
DASH AT5, June 30, 2013 
AT5 - To Landmark, Van Dorn Metro   
AT5 - To Braddock Metro via Old Town   
DASH AT6, June 30, 2013 
AT6 - To NVCC   
AT6 - To King St. Metro  
DASH AT7, June 30, 2013 
AT7 - To Landmark Mall  
AT7 - To King Street Metro, Old Town, Lee Center   
DASH AT8, June 30, 2013 
AT8 - To Landmark, Van Dorn Metro   
AT8 - To Old Town   
DASH AT10, June 30, 2013 
AT10 - To Potomac Yard   
AT10 - To King St. Metro