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Route Schedules

- DASH riders can no longer add value to their SmarTrip Card on DASH. Please load your card before boarding.

- Effective July 1, 2014, DASH tokens are no longer accepted on DASH.   

Inclement Weather Information:
Routes and schedules can be affected by road and traffic conditions. During inclement weather, CLICK HERE to view a list of the route detours on specific DASH routes, listen to your local radio station or call the DASH Customer Service Center for up-to-date information.

Reading the schedule:  
CLICK HERE if you need help reading the schedule.  Click on the individual route for specific timetables that are provided in PDF format.

Route Schedule Effective February 22, 2015

DASH Cover thumbnail image - Feb. 22, 2015  System Map

Old Town Alexandria and Vicinity Map

Full Ride Guide (48 pages) 
DASH AT1, June 30, 2013 
AT1 South - To Van Dorn Metro, Eisenhower Metro   
AT1 North - To Seminary Plaza
DASH AT2, June 30, 2013 
AT2 West - To Lincolnia  
AT2 East - To Braddock Metro via Old Town   
DASH AT3, June 30, 2013 
AT3 North - To Parkfairfax, Pentagon Metro   
AT3 South - To Hunting Point  
DASH AT4, June 30, 2013 
AT4 North - To Parkfairfax, Pentagon Metro   
AT4 South - To Old Town  
DASH AT3-4 Loop, June 30, 2013 
AT3 - 4 Loop   
DASH AT5, June 30, 2013 
AT5 West - To Landmark Mall, Van Dorn Metro   
AT5 East - To Braddock Metro via Old Town   
DASH AT6, June 30, 2013 
AT6 West - To NVCC   
AT6 East - To King St. Metro  
DASH AT7, June 30, 2013 
AT7 West - To Landmark Mall  
AT7 East - To King Street Metro, Old Town, Lee Center    
DASH AT8, June 30, 2013 
AT8 West - To Landmark mall, Van Dorn Metro   
AT8 East - To Old Town   
DASH AT10, June 30, 2013 
AT9 West - To Mark Center   
AT9 East - To Potomac Yard   
DASH AT10, June 30, 2013 
AT10 North - To Potomac Yard    
AT10 South - To King Street Metro