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4/14/2015 12:51:29 PM
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Plan Ahead...Pay it Forward Initiative -- Updated 4/14/2015 12:45:41 PM

Important SmarTrip Add Value Notice: Effective April 1, 2015

  • DASH riders now have to add value to their SmarTrip® Cards before boarding the DASH bus.
  • Empezando desde el 1 de Abril, usted no podrá agregar dinero a su tarjeta SmarTrip® en los autobuses de DASH.
  • ከኤፕሪል 1 ጀምሮ መንገደኞች ዳሽ ባስ ላይ ከመሳፈራችሁ በፊት ካርድዎት ላይ በቂ ገንዘብ መኖሩን ያረጋግጡ 

    For more details on the "Plan Ahead...Pay it Forward" initiative, please visit

    Snow Routes

    Routes and schedules can be affected by road and traffic conditions. During inclement weather, CLICK HERE to view the DASH SNOW ROUTE DETOUR SYSTEM MAP.  CLICK HERE to view the Inclement Weather Detour Route List  

    Visit for a list of DASH routes and schedules.  

    Stay Informed During Winter Weather Events 

    • Subscribe to DASH Alerts to receive email or text messages notifying you of DASH service disruptions. 
    • Like DASH on Facebook.  
    • Follow DASH on Twitter. 
    • Stay informed by visiting before starting your trip.  
    • Call the DASH Customer Service Center at 703-746-DASH (3274). 
    • Listen to radio or television traffic reports. 

    Winter Travel Tips 

    • Before you start your trip, visit to check for any service or route delays.  
    • Dress warmly. You may be outside longer than normal. 
    • Do not stand in the street while waiting for a bus. 
    • Use extreme caution when walking on exposed surfaces, including parking lots and station platforms. Never run for a bus or train. 
    • Report any unsafe conditions to a DASH Operator.  
    • Click here for more DASH Safety Tips.