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DASH Tracker - Real-Time Bus Information


Effective Thursday, March 23, DASH bus AT7 Eastbound will NOT turn left on Mill Road, but Elizabeth Lane. to pick up riders. Please go to the bus stop at the corner of Jaimeson Avenue Courthouse Square. The AT7 Westbound will operate on a regular route. For more information, please click here.

Tourist & Visitor Information

On DASH you can visit areas of the city rich with history and those alive with the excitement of today. Most DASH routes connect to historic Old Town and the many museums and landmarks located there. For additional tourist information, contact Visit Alexandria.  

The waterfront area has a mix of the new and old. Here you will find the city's leading tourist attraction, the Torpedo Art Factory. This refurbished World War I and II plant contains nearly 200 artists and craftsmen, as well as the exhibits of one of the nation's largest and oldest archeology program. Alexandria has a wide variety of shopping available, from intriguing specialty shops to the many antique stores. Fort Ward and Cameron Run Regional Park are both located on DASH routes and are perfect for some family fun. Historic Fort Ward Museum and Park offers a look into Civil War life in Alexandria. Cameron Run Regional Park boasts waterslides, a wave pool, putt-putt golf, and other outdoor activities.

Metrorail Stations

Alexandria has four Metrorail stations located throughout the city. You can reach any of these stations on DASH from virtually any area of the city. Riding the Metrorail is one of the easiest ways to see every exciting site in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The heart of the District is less than a 20 minute ride from any Metrorail station in Alexandria. Riding DASH makes using the Metrorail system all the more pleasurable. 

Fort Ward Museum and Park

Fort Ward Museum and Park offers a look into Civil War life in Alexandria. The museum is adjacent to Fort Ward, fifth largest of the 68 forts built to protect Washington D.C. during the Civil War. The museum offers exhibits of Civil War artifacts throughout the year and has two major Civil War reenactment weekends each year. The beautiful 45.2 acre park is perfect for an afternoon family picnic.

Cameron Run Regional Park

The waterslides at this park makes it a major summer attraction for Alexandria visitors. In addition to the slides and wave pool you can enjoy a round of putt-putt golf or imagine you are Babe Ruth in the batting cages. It is a terrific family pleasing afternoon.

George Washington Masonic National Memorial

The Memorial contains outstanding Washington memorabilia, including the family Bible and a clock which stopped at the time of his death. Large murals and stained glass windows depict the events of Washington's life.

Torpedo Factory Art Center and the Waterfront

This refurbished World War I and II plant, which formerly produced torpedo parts, is now the city's leading tourist attraction and contains the studios of nearly 200 artists and craftsmen, as well as the laboratory and exhibits of one of the nation's largest and oldest urban archeology programs. Behind the Torpedo Factory is the city's Potomac riverfront. The focus of annual waterfront festivals and the site of a new marina, it is an ideal place for boating, picnicking, outdoor concerts, and the simple joys of river gazing.

Ramsay House Visitor Center

Built in 1724 by William Ramsay, Scottish merchant and a city founder, the Ramsay House is now the home of the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Bureau. Here you will find detailed brochures of historic attractions and city happenings.

Market Square and City Hall

Market Square is in front of City Hall, the center of both old and new Alexandria. It still functions as a weekly outdoor market which is held every Saturday morning 5 a.m. until 10 a.m. Outdoor music concerts and festivals are held regularly throughout the year on the Square.