DASH reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger found in violation of the Code of Conduct or otherwise posing a safety risk to themselves or any other passengers.

  • All passengers must pay the fare. Operators have the right to refuse service to any non-paying customers.
  • No smoking, eating, drinking or use of drugs. 
  • No playing of audio devices that can be heard by others.
  • Please keep your feet off of the seats.
  • No profanity on the bus.
  • Be a good neighbor and offer your seat to senior citizens or individuals with disabilities if the bus is full or you are seated in the front of the bus.
  • Check around before you leave to ensure you have all of your belongings.
  • For your safety, please stand behind the yellow line at the front of the bus.
  • No solicitation of any kind.
  • Please have strollers and carts collapsed before stepping on the bus.
  • Pets must be in carriers aboard DASH and King Street Trolley. We ask that you make sure the carrier can fit underneath the bus seat if the bus is full. Service animals must be in a backpack, harness or vest that identifies them as a trained service animal.
  • For safety reasons, no items can block the aisle.

Help us provide you with exceptional service!

  • If you see a problem on the bus, tell the operator immediately.
  • If there is a medical emergency, a threat or serious crime being committed and you cannot safely communicate this to the operator, call 911 immediately.
  • Be prepared to give the bus number, route, location, and direction of travel.