Alexandria Transit Company Annual Stockholders Meeting
6:00 PM
Alexandria City Hall


The Annual Meeting of the stockholders of the Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) will be held on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall for the following purposes as follows:

Informational Items:
1. Chairman’s Welcome and Introductions
2. General Manager’s DASH 2019 Year in Review
3. General Manager’s DASH 2020 Look Ahead

Action Items:
4. SLATE OF DIRECTORS Consideration of Approval: MEMORANDUM for the Honorable Mayor and Members of City Council from Chairman David Kaplan. There are 9 members of the ATC Board of Directors. The Board of Directors presents the following slate of nominees for appointment. The term served will be for one year.

• David Kaplan
• Kerry Donley
• Yon Lambert (City T&ES designee)
• Richard Lawrence (City Manager Designee)
• Ian Greaves (City Finance Designee)
• Steven Klejst
• James Kapsis
• Matt Harris
• Lawrence Chambers
• Jeffrey Bennett (Appointment Effective May 16, 2020, upon the resignation of Kerry Donley effective May 15, 2020)

5. ATC BY-LAWS Consideration of Approval: The ATC By-Laws have been recommended for revision by the Board of Directors upon a unanimous resolution at the January 2020 regular meeting. These revisions are included with mark-up shown.

6. OUTSIDE AUDITOR Consideration of Approval: By agreement with the City of Alexandria, ATC accounts are maintained by the City’s Department of Finance and are audited as a part of the City’s annual audit. If the City’s outside auditor is also ATC’s outside auditor, the ATC audit can be done without duplication of effort or cost. It is therefore recommended that the City’s outside auditor, currently Clifton Larson Allen, be designated ATC’s outside auditor.

7. OTHER BUSINESS Any other such business as may come before the meeting.


ATC Stockholders Public Meeting Notice
By-Laws Revised Amended and Restated for Stockholders Approval