May 19, 2021


The Alexandria Transit Company Board of Directors approved and adopted the New DASH Network and FY 2022 budget, which includes a measure from the City of Alexandria that will allow DASH to operate completely fare-free beginning September 5, 2021.


The change to DASH buses operating fare-free will coincide with the launch of the New DASH Network also on September 5, 2021. The New DASH Network, formerly called the Alexandria Transit Vision Plan, is a complete redesign of Alexandria’s bus network. The changes to the network include implementation of frequent all-day service on major transit corridors across the city with buses on these routes running every 15 minutes or less, all-day, seven days per week. The service and route changes will increase transit access for approximately 60,000 additional Alexandrians, particularly in low-income, senior and minority neighborhoods. The new network is designed to meet current and future transit ridership demand as well as to encourage more people to use transit at more times of day.


“With the launch of the New DASH Network and operating without passenger fares, we are excited to offer safe, reliable and useful public transit service in Alexandria that is more accessible and equitable for all residents than ever before,” said Josh Baker, DASH CEO/General Manager.


As part of The City of Alexandria’s FY 2022 budget, the City Council granted DASH a subsidy that will enable the agency to run without collecting any fares from passengers. Operating without passenger fares is intended to encourage ridership, stimulate the City’s economy and remove a significant barrier to transit access for low-income, senior and minority residents.


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