Alexandria Transit Company Board of Directors Approves FY2023-2028 Transit Development Plan
June 9, 2022

The Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) Board of Directors approved the proposed Transit Development Plan (TDP) for FY2023-2028. A comprehensive public outreach process, including several community meetings, was conducted in March and April to collect feedback from the community. The final TDP plan includes revisions to reflect this feedback.

The approved TDP includes service improvements and realignment of some routes including:

  • Line 33, 34 & 36A/B route changes to serve new Potomac Yard Metro Station. 
  • Line 34 segment realignment from N. Fairfax to N. Pitt Street between Pendleton Street and Second Street. The new routing will also restore bus service on Pendleton Street between N. Pitt Street and N. Fairfax Street. 
  • Line 30 improvements for better connections along Duke Street Corridor from West End to Old Town.

The annual TDP provides a comprehensive vision of future service development, fare adjustments when applicable, and capital investments based on recommendations from the ATC General Manager, ATC Board of Directors and ATC staff. More specifically, it evaluates current DASH system performance, outlines projected service levels for FY2023 based on the draft budget, and provides fiscally unconstrained guidance on future service changes and capital improvements based on the Alexandria Transit Vision Plan. The TDP is updated each year by ATC staff and is subject to annual review, amendment, and adoption by the ATC Board of Directors.

The approved final TDP plan may be viewed here: Transit Development Plan FY2023-2028.