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Effective Thursday, March 23, DASH bus AT7 Eastbound will NOT turn left on Mill Road, but Elizabeth Lane. to pick up riders. Please go to the bus stop at the corner of Jaimeson Avenue Courthouse Square. The AT7 Westbound will operate on a regular route. For more information, please click here.

DASH Safety First Awareness Campaign

DASH provides high quality transit service to our community. Above all, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve launched a community-wide Safety First Awareness Campaign! Join forces with DASH to increase pedestrian, bicyclist and driver safety awareness in Alexandria.

Alexandria Transit wants safety to be on everyone’s mind, from our bus operators and riders, to the bicyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists, too,” said Sandy Modell, DASH General Manager. “DASH’s new hybrid buses offer clean engine technology that is great for the environment. They’re also much quieter than the older model buses. We want pedestrians, in particular, to be aware that our new buses are quieter. When at an intersection, look around and make sure that the bus is not starting to make a turn. It’s especially important if you are wearing headphones while walking.”

In an effort to increase safety awareness and save lives, DASH is encouraging the community to come together and learn about the many ways to practice pedestrian, bicyclist and driver safety.

Take a pledge with DASH to increase safety awareness. Stay tuned into DASH for prizes, safety tips and more. Be part of the Safety First adventure with DASH!

Remember to remain alert, share the road and obey traffic laws.

Helpful Safety Tips!