Safety & Travel Tips

Safety & Travel Tips

No Smoking

Use Headphones

No Eating or Drinking

Keep Aisles Clear

Respect Priority Seating

Call 911 in case of emergency


Travel Tips

When the bus arrives, step aboard, ask questions about routes or transfers, and take a seat. In the event that all seats are taken, please move as far to the rear as possible so others can board easily. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

About a block from your destination, signal the driver by pulling the bell cord above the window or pressing the yellow signal strip. The driver will stop at the next bus stop. Please use the rear door if others are waiting to board. Step carefully from the door.

How to Identify Your Bus Stop

All DASH buses display a headsign showing the route number and destination. The headsign is on the front of the bus just above the windshield. The same information is also displayed on the curb side of the bus.

DASH bus stops are marked by blue, white, and gold signs like the graphic shown below. Route and destination information is displayed on all bus stop signs. The schedule lists only major bus stops. However, there are many stops between the ones shown on the timetable. To estimate when the bus will come to a stop near you, check the schedule for the major stops just before and after your stop. To ensure a good connection, arrive at the stop five minutes early.

A. Sign
B. Route Number
C. Stop ID