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Rider Tools

With fare-free and frequent all-day service throughout the City of Alexandria 7 days a week, catching your next bus is a breeze. No ticket, fare or paper map required! It never hurts to be prepared though, and we’ve got you covered with information and resources to make riding DASH easier than ever.

Passenger Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety of its riders, employees and community, DASH has implemented a passenger code of conduct that includes and explains all policies that impact passengers. These policies apply to all passengers onboard any DASH bus or King Street trolley.

Winter Weather Service

Don’t get left out in the cold! DASH service must sometimes be adjusted for inclement weather. Make sure you’re familiar with service adjustments on your route or in your neighborhood.

Holiday Service Schedules

For federal and select state or City holidays, DASH service operates on modified schedules.

Safety & Travel Tips

Get the most out of your DASH trip.

King Street Trolley

Discover the heart of Old Town Alexandria with a free and environmentally-conscious ride down one of the nation’s oldest main streets.

Title VI

The Alexandria Transit Company (ATC) is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of its services on the basis race, color, or national origin (including Limited English Proficiency), as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.