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4/1/2015 06:16:13 PM
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Plan Ahead...Pay it Forward Initiative -- Updated 4/14/2015 12:45:41 PM

Important SmarTrip Add Value Notice: Effective April 1, 2015

  • DASH riders now have to add value to their SmarTrip® Cards before boarding the DASH bus.
  • Empezando desde el 1 de Abril, usted no podrá agregar dinero a su tarjeta SmarTrip® en los autobuses de DASH.
  • ከኤፕሪል 1 ጀምሮ መንገደኞች ዳሽ ባስ ላይ ከመሳፈራችሁ በፊት ካርድዎት ላይ በቂ ገንዘብ መኖሩን ያረጋግጡ 

    For more details on the "Plan Ahead...Pay it Forward" initiative, please visit

    Fares & Transfers

    NOTICE: Turn in your DASH tokens and Ride Free! Effective July 1, 2014, DASH tokens will be discontinued and no longer accepted on DASH.  Prior to June 30, you can trade-in your unused DASH tokens for a FREE ride coupon at the Alexandria Transit Store or contact DASH Customer Service at (703) 746-DASH (3274). DASH will continue to accept the Metrobus full fare token.


    DASH offers affordable fares, a unique transfer system, and a money-saving monthly electronic DASH Pass. Please have the exact fare ready when you board. Drivers carry no change.

    Cash Fare 

    • $1.60  

    Children 4 or under with adult

    (only 2 children per paying customer)

    • Free 

    DASH transfers upon boarding

    DASH transfers are only issued in electronic form on the regional SmarTrip® Card.  

    • Free 

    DASH Pass (valid for one calendar month)

    • $40 - Paper DASH Pass  
    • $40 - Electronic DASH Pass on SmarTrip 

    King Street Trolley 

    • Free


    DASH honors the regional SmarTrip® Card, the 7-Day Regional Bus Pass, and the monthly DASH Pass. DASH also honors the Transit Link Card and Metrobus regular tokens.  The regional Metrorail-to-Bus transfer discount is automatically applied when using a SmarTrip® card.  The discounted Senior/Disabled 7-Day Regional Bus Pass is accepted for the full cash fare on DASH.  Please note that WMATA Student fares are not accepted on DASH.

    Purchase the electronic DASH Pass online at Simply create or log in to your account and purchase your electronic DASH Pass for $40.



    DASH paper transfers are only available in electronic form on the regional SmarTrip® Card.

    If you pay your fare with a SmarTrip® Card, a transfer will be automatically added to your card. DASH transfers are good for up to 4 hours and are honored on all DASH routes in any direction, including a return trip on the same route. DASH transfers are good for the initial fare paid. DASH transfers on SmarTrip® Cards are honored on Metrobus and participating local bus systems for up to 2 hours. Additional charges may apply when transferring to services priced higher than DASH.


    Electronic DASH Pass

    To purchase or reload your electronic DASH Pass online, visit Create or log in to your account and purchase your electronic DASH Pass. Enjoy the same money-saving, economical DASH Pass without the paper.  Simply load your DASH Pass directly onto your SmarTrip® card!

    About the electronic DASH Pass: 
    • Load your DASH Pass onto your SmarTrip® Card between the 1st and 15th of the month, your pass will be valid for the    current calendar month.
    • Load your DASH Pass onto your SmarTrip® Card between the 16th and 31st of the month, your pass will be valid for the following calendar month.

    • DASH Pass loaded on April 3, valid for April.
    • DASH Pass loaded on April 18, valid for May.

    If you purchase a second SmarTrip® DASH Pass during the same month (for example, buy a pass for May when using one during April), the second pass will activate upon first use of your SmarTrip® Card on your first ride in May.

    Available only on SmarTrip® Cards and valid for unlimited rides on all DASH and Fairfax Connector buses during the calendar month.

    Note: The DASH Pass is also accepted as full DASH fare on Fairfax Connector's local buses. However, additional charges may apply.

    Click here for a complete list of the locations where you can purchase your DASH Pass.