November 11, 2019

The Alexandria Transit Vision (ATV) Plan is a project led by the City of Alexandria and DASH to design a future bus network for the City of Alexandria. The purpose of the project is to create a more useful bus network that encourages more people to get to more places using transit. The ATV Project Team is currently looking for community input on two Draft Recommended Networks, which are discussed below.

Based on input received over the last year, the project team has developed two Draft Recommended Networks: (1) a 2030 ATV recommended network vision to be implemented by 2030; and (2) a short-term 2022 recommended network that would incorporate some of the proposed network improvements by 2022. Both networks are expected to improve bus service across the City of Alexandria which will increase overall mobility and transit usage.

The two scenarios are being presented to the public in October and November 2019 for feedback before the ATV Plan recommendations are finalized in December. If approved by the DASH Board of Directors, the resulting service changes for the 2022 network could begin as early as mid- to late 2020.

To learn more about the ATV Project, get involved or provide feedback, you can:

Review maps and reports for the 2022 and 2030 Draft Recommend Networks on the ATV project website.
Complete a short ATV online survey here, which asks for your input on the two Draft Recommended Networks.
Attend the upcoming public hearings (See below); NOTE – the project team will also be doing several dozen additional meetings with specific groups and communities, as well as 15-20 pop up events to distribute project information to current transit users.

Email the project team directly at

Upcoming Public Hearing

Wednesday, November 13
5:30 PM*
Alexandria City Hall (Council Chambers, 2nd Fl)
301 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
(Get there using the King Street Trolley or any other DASH route).

*Public hearing to be held at start of November meeting of ATC Board of Directors.