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DASH Showcases Articulated Electric Bus Feb. 6-12

DASH Showcases Articulated Electric Bus Feb. 6-12

May 19, 2020

As part of the continued commitment to move toward a zero-emissions fleet, DASH will be demonstrating the Xcelsior CHARGE™ XE60 bus on Feb. 6-12, 2020.

This 60-foot articulated battery electric bus is manufactured and furnished by New Flyer of America. It is the first battery electric articulated bus DASH has demonstrated and it has the highest battery storage capacity of any zero-emissions bus ever demonstrated in Alexandria.
Its environmental benefits include:

•    Highest battery storage capacity and range of any zero-emissions bus available in the United States.
•    Ability to serve all current or future routes within the City (navigates tighter turns than many current DASH buses due to special turning technology)
•    Nearly doubles passenger capacity for routes with over-crowding issues (carries 120-130 passengers vs. 80 on current DASH buses)
•    Able to expedite boarding and de-boarding on bus rapid transitways (i.e. future West End and Duke Street Transitways)
•    3 articulated buses can replace 4 standard buses, reducing long term operating and capital costs
•    Remedies bunching issues on routes where too many buses create service reliability issues

This bus will also allow DASH to study the latest technologies related to potential future high-capacity corridors and services supported by the Alexandria Transit Vision. Examples of which might include the West End Transitway, Duke Street Transit Corridor or routes which serve a high number of Alexandria students.

While DASH has experience operating a small set of older model articulated buses, those buses are scheduled to be retired from active service in the near future.

The bus is being provided free of charge and will be featured in operation on various routes for passengers to experience throughout the duration of the demonstration period. DASH invites the community to join the conclusion of the demonstration, ask questions and take a ride on Feb. 12 from 4-6 p.m. at Market Square in front of City Hall.