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DASH, City & NVTA Unveil New ITS Projects

DASH, City & NVTA Unveil New ITS Projects

March 10, 2021

DASH’s CEO and General manager Josh Baker was recently joined by Mayor Justin Wilson and our friends from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) to announce the completion of three exciting new Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects in Alexandria, including the implementation of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) technology.

TSP describes technology that reduces the amount of time transit passengers spend waiting at intersections, usually by either lengthening the duration of green lights or shortening the duration of red lights when transit vehicles are detected.

These projects are:

  • Traffic signal upgrades and Transit Signal Priority (TSP) installation on Duke Street and Route 1, resulting in a more open traffic flow  and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Alexandria ITS technologies enhancing transit signal priority systems on King St. and Duke St.
  • Upgrading DASH’s real-time passenger and in-house information capabilities for DASH Bus, including real-time bus arrival information on electronic devices and via text messages, as well as multiple real-time information signs at stops.

The technologies unveiled at the ribbon cutting are part of a collaborative effort between the City, the NVTA and DASH to improve mobility and transit connections in Alexandria. The projects will benefit the entire Alexandria community by reducing traffic congestion, providing faster bus service and making Alexandria’s transit network even more reliable.