Open Enrollment 2024

Open Enrollment 2024


Open Enrollment (OE) begins on Monday, May 20, 2024 (12:00 AM EDT) and closes on Monday, June 3, 2024 (11:59 p.m. EDT).

The new plan year begins on July 1, 2024, and ends on June 30, 2025.

We hope you find this open enrollment webpage along with our annual fair and meeting extremely helpful. As you navigate this webpage, you will find information on how to review your benefits, how to enroll or make changes/updates, an updated benefit presentation and guide, and more resources to answer all your health and benefit open enrollment questions. 

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the one time each year that you can elect to make changes to your health insurance coverage.

You can change, drop, or add coverage for yourself or your dependents. It is 100% your choice and your responsibility.

What do you need to know about open enrollment this year?

  • This year open enrollment is passive. As in, if you do not want to change anything, no action is required on your end (except for FSA/DFSA), but we always encourage you to review your current elections.
  • Open Enrollment starts on May 20, 2024, at 12 AM EDT and ends on June 3, 2024 at 11:59 PM EDT. All changes are effective on July 1. However, after the open enrollment deadline has passed, we will not accept changes.
  • There will be an on-site health fair with in-person benefit presentation this year.
  • Summary Plan descriptions for all plans and a 2024-2025 benefit guide are available in Paycom in the Benefit Administration portal, click on ‘resource library’ to download copies.

What’s new and what has changed?

Kaiser Permanente

  • Kaiser HMO plan cost increased by 4.5%. The new premium per pay period is effective July 1, 2024.
  • IMPORTANT KAISER PLAN DESIGN CHANGE ALERT! The Kaiser plan will now have a $500/$1,000 deductible, $3,000/$6,000 Out-of-Pocket Maximum and copays for some services are increasing by $5 ($15 PCP -> $20 PCP, $25 SP -> $30 SP).
Current Premium New Premium
Employee Only$28.44$29.79
Employee + 1$56.88$59.58
Employee + 2 or more $72.53$75.96

United Healthcare

  •  The UHC PPO Plan premiums will see a slight increase in premiums. The new premiums per pay period is effective July 1, 2024.
Current Premium New Premium
Employee Only$43.26$45.43
Employee + 1$91.48$96.06
Employee + 2 or more $117.56$123.44

The Standard Dental

  • The Standard Dental premiums will see a slight increase in premiums. The new premiums per pay period is effective July 1, 2024.
Current Premium New Premium
Employee Only$1.30$1.94
Employee +1$2.66$2.74
Employee + 2 or more $3.84$3.95

  • SHORT TERM DISABLITY PLAN ENHANCEMENT ALERT! Short Term Disability enhances the benefit to 60% up to $2,000/week from 60% up to $1,000/week!
  • Terminating CareFirst Pharmacy and Implementing CVS CareMark. No action on your end.
This is an example of the new CVS Caremark prescription ID card that all UHC participants will receive on or about 7/1/2024. Cards will be mailed to the employee’s home address on file. The CVS card will replace your current CareFirst prescription card, effective 7/1. You can use your new card with any in-network pharmacy provider
  • For 2024, the health FSA annual contribution limit rises to $3,200, up from $3,050. Also, the maximum carryover of unused amount for 2024 rises to $640, up from $610. Please review the FSA section below for more details.

Everything else remains the same!

What are the next steps?

  • Review your current benefit selections and make sure all information is correct! Double check plans you are enrolled in and verify dependent information is correct. Click submit and a print an employee benefit summary for your records.
  • If you are not changing, adding, or dropping plans or dependents – no action is required on your end, but we highly recommend reviewing your benefits anyway. Open enrollment is 100% your choice and your responsibility!
  • Your current enrollments (except for FSA/DFSA) will roll over into the new plan year and the new rates will automatically take effect on 7/1/2024 via payroll deductions.
  • If you are changing, dropping, or adding a plan or dependents, please click on the ‘How do I Enroll?’ link below or refer to the ‘How You Can Enroll’ section in the benefit guide (pg. 6).

Important Reminder for FSA and DFSA participants!

If you are currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Dependent Flexible Spending Account (DFSA):

  • ACTION ITEM FOR FSA PARTICIPANTS! You are required to re-enroll in FSA/DFSA if you want to participate in the new plan year. You must select a new deduction amount for plan year 2024 – 2025 – this amount does not include your rollover funds.
  • If you do not re-enroll, you will not receive new FSA/DFSA benefits for the new plan year 2024 – 2025.
  • If you participate in FSA/DFSA for plan year 2024 – 2025, please ensure it is for the correct type of plan. More information regarding different FSA plans, use, and eligibility can be found in the employee benefit guide.  There will be no exceptions, change of plans, or late enrollments after the OE period has expired.
  • To qualify and receive a reimbursement for any current FSA/DFSA spending, you must submit proof to TASC on or before September 29, 2025 (90-days from end of plan year).  
  • NEW THIS YEAR! Based on the 2024 legislation, the carryover amount will be capped at $610 this year. That means, if any funds remain in your Healthcare FSA at the end of the current plan year (June 30), you carry over up to $610 into the subsequent year. Your carryover balance can be used at any time for expenses incurred in the new plan year in addition to the 2024 – 2025 elected payroll deduction amount. You do not need to re-enroll or elect a deduction amount to use rollover funds.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When does Open enrollment start and end?

Open Enrollment starts on May 20, 2024, at 12 AM EST and ends on June 3, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST. Do not wait until the deadline to change your mind or change your plans!

How do I enroll or make changes to my benefits?

Review this useful guide or refer to the employee benefit guide to learn how to enroll, make changes, or add/drop a dependent.

Can I change my benefits mid-year?

Yes and No. If you experience a qualifying event mid-year you may change your insurance plan elections. If you do not experience a qualifying event, you may not change insurance plans.

What is a qualifying event?

A qualifying event is an event that triggers a special enrollment period for an individual to make changes to their insurance plans outside of the regular annual open enrollment period. Example of qualifying events include (but are not limited to): the birth or adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, etc. You have 30 days from the date of the event to notify HR about the qualifying event and make changes.

See page 7 of the Benefit guide for more information.

What if I don’t want to change anything this year?

That’s great – it sounds like you’re please with your benefits! No action is required on your behalf, but we encourage you to review your current benefit elections and the 2023 – 2024 benefit guide anyway to stay informed. There is still a mandatory benefit presentation that must be viewed by all employees.

Does DASH pay for my health benefit premiums?

DASH covers 90% of the cost of your insurance premiums. You are only responsible for 10% of the cost of premiums. For vision insurance, DASH covers 100% of the cost. Additionally, DASH provides to all regular full-time employees Short Term Disability and Life Insurance at no cost.

Can I review my benefits anytime?

Yes, we encourage you to print out your election summary to review your final health plan selections. You may share that with your dependents. If you need a summary of your benefits down the road, you may always visit the Paychex Benefit Administration portal to view/download/print a copy of your election summary.

Can my spouse/partner or family member help me enroll?

We encourage you to get your family involved with open enrollment. Please feel free to share all relevant information and resources with your dependents. However, you should sign off on your benefit elections.

Who do I call if I don’t receive new insurance cards?

Human Resources is always here to help. Please let us know if you do not receive a new medical card. You can also call the insurance provider directly to replace lost or stolen cards. For your convenience, carrier contact and website information can be found on the last page of the benefit guide booklet.

HR Tip: Download the health provider mobile app (UHC and Kaiser) or register online (Vision & Dental) to gain instant access to health plan information, electronic cards, deductible balances, explanation of benefits (EOB) and much more!

What if I forgot to add/drop insurance coverage?

If it is past the open enrollment deadline, you will have to continue with the selected coverage until the following open enrollment unless you have a qualifying event. See benefit guide for more on qualifying events.

Where can I find a new health provider or doctor?

You can find a provider online or by calling the insurance customer service number. For your convenience, carrier contact and website information can be found on the last page of the benefit guide booklet. 

What is a premium?

A premium is portion that you pay for the Company’s health insurance. This is paid bi-weekly, and it is a payroll deduction. See your employee pay stub for deduction amounts or go to the Benefit Administration portal in Paychex to review your deduction amount and total benefit summary.  

What is a deductible?

The amount that you owe for covered health services before the insurance company (UHC or Kaiser) begins to pay.

What is a co-payment?

A fixed amount (for example, $15) you pay for a covered health care service, usually when you receive

the service. The amount can vary by the type of covered health care service. See the Glossary of Health Terms in the employee benefit guide for more information.

What is a co-insurance?

Your share of the costs of a covered health care service, calculated as a percent (for example, 10%) of

the allowed amount for the service. You pay co-insurance plus any deductibles you owe. For example, if the health insurance or plan’s allowed amount for an office visit is $100 and you’ve met your Deductible, your co-insurance payment of 10% would be $10. The health insurance or plan pays the rest of the allowed amount. See the Glossary of Health Terms in the employee benefit guide for more information.

What happens to my Flexible Spending Account if I leave DASH?

You cannot take an FSA with you; if you leave DASH, you forfeit any funds in that account.

What is preventive care and how much do I pay for it? Preventive care includes routine well exams, screenings, and immunizations intended to prevent or avoid illness or other health problems. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you can get certain preventive health care services covered at 100%, without any cost to you.  Examples of preventive care include:

  • Annual preventive exam
  • Women’s wellness exam
  • An annual flu shot
  • Preventive screenings like colorectal cancer screenings and breast cancer screenings

Open Enrollment Resources, Guides, and Useful Links

Benefit Presentation:

This year, we are requiring all employees to watch the open enrollment benefit presentation available in Paychex if they are unable to attend the health fair. This presentation contains important information regarding the benefit offerings for the new plan year.

Benefit Guide:

For your convenience, please download a copy of the new benefit guide for plan year 2023 – 2024. Click on the links below.

How do I enroll?’ Guide:

Paychex – Benefit Administration Portal Access:

To view the Benefit Administration portal in Paycom, click HERE. The benefit portal is not accessible via the Paycom mobile app.

Questions or Need Assistance?

Human Resources is here to help! Whether you want to consult with an HR representative in person, by phone, or remotely online, we have you covered. For in-person walk-in options, please see the open enrollment lounge schedule below:

If you would like to meet with an HR representative privately, over the phone, or via an online meeting platform, please email us at to schedule an appointment.

Enrollments over the phone may take between 10-15 minutes to complete. You must sign off and/or acknowledge receipt of the enrollment confirmation page. 

Please read: If you’re adding a new dependent, send us your dependent’s information prior to the meeting date or have it handy during your appointment time. The following dependent information is required: date of birth, social security #, full legal name, and relation to you).

Email us at with any general questions or concerns that you may have regarding open enrollment.

Stay safe and healthy!


DASH Human Resources  Team