DASH Seeks Public Feedback on Proposed Title VI Policies

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DASH Seeks Public Feedback on Proposed Title VI Policies

DASH is seeking feedback on new Title VI policies, which prohibit discrimination based on race, skin color or nation of origin. Title VI policies are required by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as outlined by Title VI in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These policies are designed to ensure that DASH bus service is provided in a fair and equitable manner, and that any major changes to DASH service or fare policies are evaluated to ensure that any impacts borne from the changes are distributed equitably.

While there has never been room for hate on our buses, DASH is now taking steps to formally implement a Title VI policy, which is subject to public feedback and must be approved by the Alexandria Transit Company Board of Directors. 

  • NEW DASH Title VI Service Standards & Policies (Proposed)
    This proposed policy will help DASH to evaluate its bus service to make sure it is fair and equitable. The policy includes standards for vehicle headways, passenger loads, on-time performance, and service availability. 
  • NEW DASH Title VI Service Equity Analysis Policies (Proposed)
    This proposed policy will help DASH to evaluate proposed service and fare changes to make sure that changes do not create an unfair burden for minority or low income passengers. It includes the “Major Service Change” policy that defines what service changes are subject to an equity analysis, as well as the “Disparate Impact” and “Disproportionate Burden” policies which outline how service and fare changes must be evaluated. 
  • DASH Title VI Service Monitoring Memo
    This memorandum presents findings from the DASH service monitoring procedures that are outlined in the proposed “DASH Title VI Service Standards & Policies” document.
  • REVISED City of Alexandria FTA Title VI Program (Draft)
    This document provides a full summary of the City of Alexandria’s FTA Title VI Program and is subject to review and approval by City Council.


Written comments may be provided via email to dashbus@alexandriava.gov. Public comments may also be provided to the DASH Customer Service Center (703-746-3274) or at the public meetings listed below.

Translators will be available during both meetings for Spanish and Amharic speaking community members.


The deadline for written public comment on DASH’s Title VI policy is Friday, February 25