Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Transit Driver Appreciation Day

March 2, 2021

On March 18, join us in celebrating our hard-working bus drivers! 

It’s no easy task to safely move thousands of people every day, stay on schedule, check fares, provide trip assistance, and maneuver a bus around tight corners and through traffic. On Transit Driver Appreciation Day, DASH is excited to recognize the people who help keep Alexandria moving. 

Does your bus driver welcome you with a cheerful greeting? Did you witness an act of kindness? How does your driver make your commute better? Don’t be shy! Show your support:

  • Bring a card or a personal note and hand it to your bus driver.
  • Say “Good morning!” or “Good afternoon!” when getting on the bus, and a hearty “Thank you!” when getting off the bus.
  • Share a photo of yourself on social media at the bus stop or on the bus, using the #TDAD hashtag and tag us at @DASHBus.

Please say thanks to your bus driver on March 18 and every day of the year!