The Fare-Free New DASH Network is Coming this Sunday, Sept. 5

The Fare-Free New DASH Network is Coming this Sunday, Sept. 5

September 2, 2021

In just three days, DASH will launch the New DASH Network and become 100% fare free. This complete redesign of Alexandria’s bus network is intended to meet current and future transit ridership demand, and to encourage more people to use transit for more trips at more times of day. The network increases access to frequent transit service for 50,000 more Alexandria residents and 25,000 more jobs. And, the new Old Town Circulator service means buses will be running in Old Town every 7-15 minutes, all day, every day.


  • New routes.  While three of the new routes will be identical to existing routes (AT2X – 102X, AT8 – Line 30, AT10 – Line 33), the remaining lines will differ from the current network.
  • New route numbers.  Lines 30-36 are the core DASH lines, which run seven days per week, 365 days per year. Lines 102-104 are commuter-oriented routes and operate on weekdays only.
  • Service frequency.  High-frequency service with buses running every 15 minutes or better, all day, seven days a week in the West End, Landmark, Arlandria, Potomac Yard, and Old Town.
  • Free fares.  Service on all DASH routes will be free of charge for all riders.

With the implementation of free fares, current fare options and programs will no longer be valid on any DASH buses:

DASH Pass Sales.  Monthly DASH Pass sales are discontinued. No passes will be available for September 2021 or any future months. DASH will not be issuing refunds for unused or partially-used DASH Passes after fares are discontinued on September 5.

DASH Bus App.  All ticketing features on the DASH Bus app have been disabled. DASH will not issue refunds for unused passes, including 4-Hour Passes, that have been purchased on the DASH Bus app. Riders should plan to use all existing pass purchases in the DASH Bus app by September 4.

SmartBenefits.  Anyone enrolled in the WMATA SmartBenefits program and allocating monthly funds to DASH or the DASH Bus app, be sure to adjust your SmartBenefit allocations.

Free Student Rides.  Since ALL passengers will be able to ride DASH for free, DASH will not be offering the free Student Ride Program for high school students during the 2021-2022 school year.

For additional information about the New DASH Network or fares visit or call 703-746-3274 (DASH).