Beginning September 5, DASH will implement the first phase of the Alexandria Transit Vision Plan, known as the New DASH Network, which includes major route and service changes that will affect all DASH passengers. Coinciding with this major bus service overhaul, all DASH service will become FARE FREE. This new network represents a reduced, cost-neutral version of the Final 2022 ATV Plan that was adopted by the ATC Board of Directors in December 2019. The full recommendations and service increases that were included in the Final 2022 ATV Plan will be proposed incrementally in FY 2022 and FY 2023, as outlined in the FY 2022 – FY 2027 Alexandria Transit Company TDP.

What is the New DASH Network?

The New DASH Network is a complete redesign of Alexandria’s bus network that is intended to meet current and future transit ridership demand, and to encourage more people to use transit for more trips at more times of day. 


  • New Bus Lines. Most DASH route alignments will also be changing in FY 2022:
    • Two of the new bus lines are significantly different from any existing DASH route (Line 34, Line 102)
    • Six of the new bus lines follow similar route alignments as an existing DASH route with minor to moderate changes: Line 31 (AT6), Line 32 (AT7), Line 35 (AT1), Line 36A/B (AT9), Line 103 (AT3) & Line 104 (AT4)
    • Four of the new bus lines will be identical to the current DASH route that they are replacing: Line 30 (AT8), Line 33 (AT10), Line 102X (AT2X) and King Street Trolley.
    • North Van Dorn Street. The DASH AT5 on North Van Dorn Street and North Ripley Street will be replaced by the realigned Metrobus 7A route with service from the Van Dorn Metro to the Pentagon via North Van Dorn Street and Seminary Plaza.  For more information on this route and other Metrobus changes that are planned for September 5th, please visit the WMATA website.
    • Old Town Circulator (OTC).  The Old Town Circulator is a new DASH service that consolidates bus service in Old Town to provide high-frequency service, all-day seven days per week. The OTC operates between King Street Metro and Braddock Road Metro via King Street, North Fairfax Street and the Madison/Montgomery Streets in Old Town North. Trips on Lines 30 and 31 are coordinated to arrive at King Street Metro in even intervals to create 7-15 minute service in Old Town.

Which New Line Should You Use?

To see which of these new lines will be most useful based on your existing DASH route use our route comparison table.


View our route comparison table with links to route details.


  • Neighborhood-Specific Information. For information on how the service changes will affect transit riders in different parts of the City select a neighborhood from the list below. 
  • Metrobus Changes. As part of their September 5 service changes, WMATA will modify three existing Metrobus routes (7A/F, 25B, 28A) to complement the New DASH Network changes. Information on Metrobus proposed changes that will affect DASH riders can be found on the WMATA website.
  • Frequent Network. The FY2022 New DASH Network includes a new frequent network which introduces frequent, all-day bus service on major transit corridors across the City of Alexandria.  Buses on these routes will be running every 15 minutes or less, all-day, seven days per week. Frequent, all-day service means buses arrive every 15 minutes or better from 6AM - 7PM on weekdays, and from 7AM - 6PM on weekends. Some lines will run with frequent service much earlier or later, but these periods represent the minimum for 15 minute service. Areas served by the “Frequent Network” include the West End, Landmark, Parkfairfax, Arlandria, Potomac Yard, the King Street Corridor and Old Town.
  • Transit Access. The proposed network changes will provide access to frequent, all-day transit to nearly 60,000 additional city residents.
    • The percentage of low-income residents who are within walking distance to frequent, all-day transit will increase from 29% to 73%.
    • The percentage of minority residents who are within walking distance to frequent, all-day transit will increase from 22% to 70%. 
    • The percentage of senior residents with access to frequent, all-day transit will increase from 23% to 62%.
    • The New DASH Network also improves access to jobs; the percentage of jobs in Alexandria that are within walking distance of frequent, all-day transit will increase from 40% to 66%.
  • Service Coverage. Despite the major route and service changes, the New DASH Network maintains bus service in most areas such that 99.5% of existing bus boardings will still be within 1/8 mile of a bus stop in the New DASH Network in FY 2022.
  • King Street Trolley. The King Street Trolley will continue to operate in the FY 2022 New DASH Network. It will run from King Street Metro to City Hall/Market Square due to the closure of the 100 block of King Street. Learn more about the King Street Trolley.
  • I-95/395 Commuter Choice Grants. DASH has received FY 2022 funding for two major service enhancement projects that will improve service on Line 35 and Line 36A/B through NVTC’s I-95/395 Commuter Choice program.







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To view the existing DASH network, click HERE.


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