DASH Celebrates National Bike to Work Day 2021
May 18, 2021

The third Friday in May is National Bike to Work Day, which encourages people to include bicycling in their commute. DASH joins the City of Alexandria in celebrating National Bike to Work Day and encourages passengers to try bicycling if they are able. The City has organized several "pit stops" at local bike shops and neighborhoods throughout Alexandria where participants can register for activities. For more details on National Bike to Work Day and a full list of pit stops, click here

You can even bring your bike with you on your next DASH trip! Simply let your operator know that you need to store your bike using the bike rack on the front of the bus. For your safety, you should always load your bike from the curb and wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before attempting to use the bike rack. For more detailed information about bringing your bike with you on your next DASH trip, take a look at this flyer

According to the National Household Travel Survey, Americans often drive short distances; 35% of trips made in America are less than 2 miles. Making more of these trips on bikes instead of in cars would benefit Americans' health in more ways than one. In addition to improving physical fitness, bicycling is a sustainable way to make trips without releasing toxic pollutants and emissions into the environment.